Tulip Italy

Case overview

Tulip Italy needed a makeover to shine in the competitive landscape. Our goal? Make the brand fresh, sexy, and irresistible.

Tulip Italy logo black

Our Approach

We set out to transform Tulip Italy’s image and communication, shifting from bland to buzzworthy. The aim was to engage audiences with content that pops off the screen, turning viewers into fans, and fans into customers.

The Plan

  • Brand Refresh: We introduced a new look and feel for Tulip Italy, making it vibrant and appealing, perfectly aligned with what the modern consumer seeks.
  • Content Revolution: Turning ads from forgettable to viral, we crafted posts that grabbed thousands of likes, hundreds of comments, and shares, breathing new life into the brand’s social presence.
  • Engagement to Conversion: in such a competitive market, we knew we have to create an explosion of engagement that translates into tangible outcomes.

The Results

Tulip Italy’s transformation story is a testament to the power of a well-executed brand and marketing strategy, showcasing how the right adjustments can turn a brand from stagnant to sensational.

  • The campaign not only rejuvenated Tulip Italy’s image but also delivered a staggering 300% return on investment while running the campaign – 792 new buyers in just one month.
  • More importantly, we established a routine of engaging with recurring customers, boosting their Lifetime Value (LTV) by an average of 320%.
  • Social media engagement skyrocketed from an average of 10-20 likes and 2-3 comments to an average of 800+ likes and tens to hundreds of comments per post.


Initial Campaign ROI

X 3.2

Total Customer LTV

X 23

Social Media Engagment
Facebook engagment