Case overview

Achitrainer provides a service that is hard to differentiate in a dense and super technical market – system coordination services for architectural/building companies. Although their advantages are clear – internationally experienced team, close supervision, and extremely competitive team – it is not easy to explain these to a 100% technical audience!

Goals & Approach

The goal was to reach companies where Archtrainer’s services would fit, Closing at least 10 deals.
We had to ensure that the benefits of our product were effectively communicated to the right people in relevant companies. To do so, we had to learn about Systems Coordination (architecture) here at Deep-Y and craft compelling copy. Identifying the key decision-makers and reaching out to them was challenging, and we also had only one chance with each key person.

The Results

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85% +

Email Open rate

25% +

Email reply rate

20% +

Click rate


procced from first meeting


Campaign Budget
1.6 million views
3 Million views